We believe that every business can use the support of a consultant, however not all consultants are a good match.


We offer an initial meeting risk-free to better understand your needs, and for you to express what you expect out of the partnership. Before the meeting, we will ask you to fill out our quick Client Intake form to save valuable time during the diagnosis session. 


From here, if we agree that Gib Consulting can deliver what your business needs, we will send you a proposal based on our discussion and your priority pain points. Once you receive the proposal, we will make sure it provides the solution and partnership you are looking for and make any adjustments you require before dotting our I's and starting work.


Once all of the admin is looked after, we will work with you to make sure the deliverables are being met and you are satisfied. 


Ready to get started? Reach out for an initial consultation and start moving onward and upward. 


Book a meeting

Easily book a 30-minute time slot at your convenience to begin the consultation process.

Give us some background

Fill out our Client Intake form to give us some background information for the meeting. You can do it now, or we will send you link once you book.

Initial Consultation

We will conduct a business analysis and issue identification session to build an improvement plan.


Once we have the information we need, we will send you a proposal based on your needs and enter into a partnership upon approval.


Not every problem is created equal.

We offer a variety of arrangements to make sure your needs are being met in the most effective and comfortable way.

Short-term projects and development of action plans are available for quick fixes, as well as longer-term support to act as an outsourced team member.

We will work with you to identify what type of support best fits your needs, from sporadic strategy and brainstorming sessions to ongoing support. We offer fully remote services as well as availability to do in-house or off-site workshops, project management and meetings.



Hourly work sessions to plan and execute the changes you need. Use our consulting services to discuss new ideas, obstacles requiring resolution, or to meet with your team for training and development.

This could involve sporadically booked time when a new issue arises, or a set amount of usable hours per month to check-in.


Defined goals for one area of your operations. We will define the objective, timeline, and steps to achieve this before we get to work on realizing the solution.

Projects could include developing and implementation a new process, constructing a sales organization, or setting up your teams for work-from-home success.


An ongoing partnership to help you achieve specific goals or projects without adding a full-time employee. Contracts can be open-ended or for a fixed duration, at a fixed number of hours per week or month and defined service description.

For example, fulfilling a Project Management role for your organization to keep operations tight. 

We look forward to joining your team. See our Specialization or book your consultation today:

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