All packages are based on monthly access to the listed services and are fully customizable.

Think of our role in your company as an interim "___________".

Bring on an expert when you need it, hire a full-time team member when you need it.

Product Management
Sales Enablement & Collateral Design
Project Management
Product Management Package

Best fit for:

You have yet to build out a fully scaled team of developers and hire on a full-time Product Manager, but you want to stay organized and be ready to scale.


You need support developing and implementing a product management process, and may require a stand-in product manager to help keep everything on schedule and communicate to different stakeholders.

Starting at $2,300/mo


  • Active management of team and tasks

  • Accountability for keeping milestones on schedule

  • Hiring and on-board ing new team members

  • Build and maintain product roadmap or Gantt chart

  • Set up product management softwares and tools

  • On-board team to process and define procedures

  • Build out development schedule

  • Translation of business-side requirements to user stories and PBIs

  • Build a feedback system for feature and change requests from sales and users.

  • Communication of product development progress to stakeholders

Take the unknowns out of your product development progress, work more efficiently, and stay on track.


Sales Enablement & Collateral Package

Best fit for:

You have your product. Now you need to bring it to market, and empower your sales and marketing teams with the right messaging and materials. Your product might be complex, and requires some translation from tech to business speak.

Starting at $1,700/mo


  • Designing email correspondences (internal and external)

  • Designing newsletters

  • Progress reports to stakeholders (product development, new features)

  • Tech liaison in sales meetings

  • Hiring and on-boarding sales and marketing teams

  • Custom performance/usage reports for customers

  • Investor Pitch decks

  • One-pagers

  • Sales decks

  • Landing page analysis or conceptualization

  • Internal product cheat-sheets & specs

  • Customized pitching materials for partners and larger clients

Empower your front-liners and inform stakeholders from investors to customers with the right messaging and visuals.


Project Management Package

Best fit for:

You have some critical projects coming up and no time to manage them.

You want them completed on time and with little active involvement.

Starting at $2,800/mo

Take your role in the project from actively managing to passively overseeing with a dedicated project manager ensuring timeliness and quality.


  • Outlining project objectives and create project plan

  • Build a roadmap to estimate timeline 

  • Leading project to completion and ensuring quality

  • Dedicated point person to communicate within team

  • Regular progress updates to stakeholders

Hybrid Package

Best fit for:

You need an interim player to wear several hats, look after some day-to-day operations and solutions, and get involved in multiple aspects of the business as they relate to collateral management, building out and improving processes, or managing projects.

Starting at $2,400/mo

Have a right-hand who can take on a variety of projects, while keeping a holistic vision of strategy and efficient scaling top of mind.

Design your own package based on your exact needs

For any additional services or project-based work (we do that too!), please contact us and we can schedule an initial meeting.

  • By building an ongoing relationship, we can gain a thorough understanding of your business and have a faster turnaround time when delivering what you need.

  • Avoid bringing on new team members too early while you scale. Working in a more temporary capacity allows you to save time and money on-boarding, and build out the role specifics and processes before you hire a full-time employee for it. 

  • Use us as much or as little as you want in the month, and know that we are always available for what your company needs. 


Contact us to discuss your customized package and get started